About Us

MyChocolate is all about the creativity and uniqueness in you.

MyChocolate started off as a business idea which acknowledges the uniqueness of every person’s taste and likings. Stefan, the owner and founder of MyChocolate, gained his experience from his pastry shop in Northcliff, where he made cakes and pastries on order for his quality loving customers. He found that the tastes and preferences of people differ greatly and that there is no one-size-fits-it-all when it comes to pastries.

When Stefan started experimenting with chocolate bars he found that it is very much the same when it comes to chocolate: The taste of every person is unique and hence some people love dark chocolate whereas others only like the white one. When Stefan went on with experimenting with flavours and toppings he found that some of his customers would die for a “Dark & Chilli” chocolate whereas others simply could not stand it. He established a range of 13 different flavours including traditional ones such as “Milk & Hazelnut” and also more exotic ones such as “Milk, Pear & Ginger” and “Dark, Pink Pepper & Sea Salt”. Needless to say that even 13 different flavours were not enough to satisfy all customer wishes and this is when the idea of a perfectly customised chocolate bar came into Stefan’s mind.

We buy our base chocolate in drops from Belcolade - a top-quality supplier from Belgium - and process it at our artisan-style Johannesburg production facility according to your wishes.

Our dark chocolate consists of 55% cocoa, making it rich in taste with just the right amount of bitterness – the perfect choice for a real chocoholic. Our milk chocolate is lighter in taste with a cocoa content of 35% and less bitterness. The milk chocolate is creamy in texture and not too sweet and not too bitter. For the ones with a real sweet tooth we recommend our white chocolate base consisting of 28% cocoa: it melts in your mouth and leaves you with an unforgettable sweet and milky taste.

Today MyChocolate is South Africa’s first company which makes it possible for you to have your own perfectly customised chocolate bar.

MyChocolate values quality. Our chocolate bases and toppings are top of the range.

We buy our toppings locally whenever possible. Choose your favourites from over 60 different toppings, leaving you with more than 15 million options for your perfectly customised chocolate bar. You can choose from dried fruits, nuts and spices as well as from our special toppings such as Oreo cookies, fruit gums, marshmallows and even Pretzels! There are no limits to your creativity.

Your personalised chocolate bar is handmade in South Africa.

After finishing your order online your chocolate bar is produced at our Johannesburg artisan-style production facility. It is handmade with all our passion for high-quality food and put into its packaging, which can also be personalised. We will print the name, which you have chosen for your unique creation, onto the packaging to make it really special for you. If your chocolate bar is designed as a gift you can also include a personal message!