Can I have more than five ingredients?

Chocolate bars unfortunately have limited space and we want to ensure that yours looks and tastes great. There simply isn’t enough space for more than five different toppings. But we can assure you that five carefully chosen toppings will be more than enough for a delicious chocolate bar!

Can I add my favorite ingredient twice?

We make the chocolate bar of your dreams by hand, which means that we will make sure that plenty of your chosen toppings will make it onto your bar. No need to add (and pay for) them twice!

What size are the custom chocolate bars?

The weight of our chocolate bars is about 100g before we add the ingredients. The dimensions are about 18 x 8cm. All our chocolate bars are hand-made; this is why the weight and size might vary slightly.

How do I customize “MyChocolate” chocolate bar?

Customizing your “MyChocolate” chocolate bar is fairly easy using our customization interface. Please go to the Creation Station and select one of our three premium Belgian chocolate bases. Then select up to five ingredients from our assortment of over 70 fruits, nuts, candy, decorations, herbs and spices.

I want a new ingredient that isn’t on your list what do I do?

Although we already have this great variety of toppings to choose from we know that there are no limits to your ideas and creativity – and we appreciate that! Please drop us an email with your new ingredient suggestion and we will get in touch with you.

How long does the chocolate keep?

Chocolate has a long shelf life and when stored in proper conditions can be good for more than two years. The shelf life of your customized chocolate bar is however reduced when adding ingredients. The vast majority of ingredients, when combined with your chocolate, will have a shelf life of 3-5 months.

I cannot eat all my chocolate at once, where should I keep it to make sure it stays fresh?

Chocolate is best kept in a cool and dry environment. Room temperature ranging from 15 to 25 degrees will keep the chocolate in excellent condition for maximum shelf life.

Is the chocolate gluten-free?

Our chocolate is gluten free BUT we do not work in a gluten free facility, so people with a severe allergy unfortunately cannot order from us. We have warnings on every box about the possible risk of gluten being in the bar.

Is the chocolate vegan?

Our dark chocolate is vegan but we deal with many non-vegan items in our factory.

Is the chocolate kosher?

Currently our chocolate is not certified kosher.

What are the allergy alerts associated with your customized chocolate bars?

Our chocolate bars may contain nuts, seed, milk and gluten.

Is the chocolate dairy free?

Our dark chocolate does not contain any dairy, however there may be traces of dairy through cross contamination from other ingredients that include dairy products. Our milk and white chocolate do contain dairy.

Can I order “MyChocolate” chocolate for my business?

“MyChocolate” chocolate bars are very popular for corporate gifts. Aside from being able to customize the bar itself, with bulk orders you can also customize the packaging.

Please visit our “For businesses” page for more ideas and contact information.

Can I order “MyChocolate” chocolate bars for my wedding?

Absolutely, “MyChocolate” chocolate bars are great wedding favors, invitation and place cards. For bulk orders you can customize the packaging as well as the bar. Popular orders include a picture of the couple, their names and a “Thank you” message for their guests.

Please visit our “For weddings” page for more ideas and contact information.