How long does it take once I place my order for a “MyChocolate” chocolate bar to get here?

We typically take one or two days to make the chocolate bars depending on the day of the week and the time of day when the order was placed. Shipping within South Africa takes an additional one to three days depending on where you live (we are based in Johannesburg).

Does “MyChocolate” ship outside of South Africa?

No, unfortunately not. Right now our customized chocolate bars are only available in South Africa.

When it is hot outside is my bar in danger of melting?

During the summer months we put ice packs into every box that we ship out to make sure that your customized chocolate bar reaches you in superb condition. BUT if you place an order and you are worried about not being home when your bars are delivered, please have them shipped to your work address or another address where you know that someone will be there to take them inside to keep them out of the sun.

I will not be home during the day to receive my custom chocolates - is this a problem?

As we are only using private courier companies to ship your “MyChocolate” chocolate bars to you, we need an address where someone can get the parcel.

I want to ship my customized chocolate bars to a rural area - is that possible?

Currently we can only ship “MyChocolate” chocolate bars to major centers in South Africa, as the shipping time to rural areas would be too long and therefore harm the chocolate bars.